The future will undoubtedly bring additional change and challenges. 


Brandeberry~McKenna Public Affairs thrives in this environment and will continue to provide our clients with the value and outcomes that have been our goals since the firm’s inception.

Issues before the Colorado General Assembly, before state government agencies, before the local governments, and issues that shape the lives of each and every Colorado citizen are our specialties.

Brandeberry-McKenna Public Affairs offers our clients effective, proven and professional public affairs services. The services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Obtaining bill sponsors
  • Providing active and aggressive assistance in drafting legislation
  • Composing, editing, and distributing advocacy literature
  • Preparing clients for committee testimony
  • Drafting and distributing professional talking point papers
  • Arranging meetings with key professionals, including legislative leaders, bill sponsors, and committee chairs
  • Providing applicable assistance for political contributions
  • Monitoring executive and regulatory agencies
  • Facilitating on-site visits for legislators to clients’ facilities

In addition to the above, we are adept at partnering with other professional public affairs firms to assure your representation is as well rounded and complete as possible.